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Sorry, Garrick says your browser does not support fantasy Plug-Ins, but thats ok. Check out the fantasy e-book on this page. I will have another fanasty e-book coming soon.

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I hated to to bump Michael Whelan off of my wall but this one came out pretty good so I thought I would share it on my opening page. This image is cropped from a larger image. If you would like to see the original, go to The Dragon Project.
W.gif (1698 bytes)ell, well, what have we here. Another human has come to visit. We're glad you could stop by. I'm Garrick, a red dragon, your host and this is my human companion Richard. (Hi) Well, we've done a lot of remodeling and we hope you like the changes. We moved to a new Web Host where I have a little more room.  

Most of you have probably always been interested in dragons, though most people might say that it is a stupid thing to like. In this site, you can find campaigns for dragons, stories, lots of dragon art, numerous other dragon sites to visit, and a lot of fun. I hope you enjoy this site.

Anyway, read on and learn more about us and keep checking back. So sit back and enjoy.


Latest news:

January 2012

Welcome to a new year. Sorry for the long delay. I've been very busy at work and have been working on several other projects at home. Life gets in the way sometimes :-)

 August 2009

I uploaded the pictures from the 2008 calendar. Best wishes to all and enjoy.

December 2008

Well, the 2008 calendar is done. The pictures get more and more complex every year. I had to upgrade my computer to render some of the images but it was good experience and a lot of fun. Hope you all enjoy.



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Cartoon dragons by Kevin Palivec at Malathar's Dragons. Check out his page. He's very good.


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